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NPN 80013101


natural source of tryptophan

A small amount of a high glycemic index (GI) carbohydrate

It is an all natural food made from organic pumpkin seeds, dextrose and rice starch.


Zenbev should be stored in a dry cool space. Zenbev is made from ingredients that are stable, with an expected shelf-life of several years.

Recommend Dose:

One jar should last about 30-days, assuming a dosage of two-tablespoons per day. It may last longer if taken on an intermittent schedule or at a lower dosage. It will not last 30-days if taken at a higher dosage on a daily schedule.

Two tablespoons are usually sufficient for most clients, however some individuals require more.


Those who plan to drive or operate heavy machinery at night should not take Zenbev before doing so. If you are pregnant or nursing a child, you should consult your physician. Those taking antidepressants, including St. John Wort and/or lithium should not take Zenbev.


If you are diabetic as mentioned earlier, please consult the nutritional panel and your doctor.

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