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What's Eleotin?

ELEOTIN is a safe health food that restores the body's own ability to control blood glucose levels. ELEOTIN gently helps to control blood glucose levels temporarily but also results in long-term molecular level changes assist the body to recover glucose normalcy. ELEOTIN is usage may then be diminished or eliminated as the body has restored its ability to control blood glucose levels.


ELEOTIN is a food product that we believe is more beneficial than existing hypoglycaemic drugs. For some people, this answer is difficult to believe. They find it difficult to believe that a serious disease can be treated more effectively with a "Gentle & Safe" food product when existing "Super-Strong" drug treatments. What we believe is that correct use of a gentle food or herbal combination is much better than the use of strong, intrusive chemical drugs that harmfully target certain organs. This principle is especially true for serious diseases that affect many parts of the body.


What our body needs in this case is not a strong stimulus but a proper balance. The strong stimulus that drugs provide usually has a positive short-term effect. But drugs in the long-term can cause drug resistance and lead to numerous negative side effects. We feel a proper treatment would be one that helps all the internal organs and inner mechanisms to function better by restoring balance to a body that has lost its rhythm, and its own ability to heal itself. The body can heal itself of most diseases and in many cases, the only thing we have to do is to trigger this self-healing ability. In order to trigger this self-healing ability, we do not need strong chemical signals. Thus the gentle, mild signaling herbs contained in ELEOTIN often produce a much more beneficial result.


The same principle is true for diabetes. Overall, curative actions in our body should occur simultaneously and in harmony for treatment of diabetes to be successful for a long period of time. The existing drug treatments for diabetes have their limits even though they have demonstrated certain short-term strengths. Diabetic drugs have an effect on only one or two metabolic processes and are not able to help the complex metabolism associated with diabetes as a whole. Because of their concentrated focus, chemical drugs also put a serious strain on the body due to the drug's cumulative toxicity. They often cause or contribute to permanent damages of these organs, which may be even worse than the damage caused by diabetes itself.


In conclusion, we believe that natural foods are far more advantageous for diabetes than chemical drugs. Chemical drugs provide only temporary glucose control and in the long-term may cause severe damage to a person's liver and kidneys because of their concentrated and toxic chemical actions. We strongly recommend that people use food products or herbal combinations that are gentle and safe as their first and best line of defense. ELEOTIN offers this. We feel that ELEOTIN is the most scientifically superior herbal combination presently on the market.


ELEOTIN contains dried roots, stems, fruits, and leaves, from various plants. The herbal plants are all registered with pharmacopoeias and food codes in several countries. All of the material used is 100% natural and we do not add any fillers or preservatives. The ingredients for the various blends are listed on each ELEOTIN box. The ingredients are Platycodi Radix (Root), Schizandrae Fructus (Fruit), Capsella Bursa (Stem), Glycyrrhizae Radix (Root), Astragalus Membranaceus Bunge (Root), Lycium Chinese (Fruit), Dioscorea Japonica Thunberg (Root) and others.


ELEOTIN was initially developed by the scientists at Diabetes Research Center at the University of Calgary, Calgary Alberta, Canada, a leader in the research on the cause, cure, and prevention of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.



The best health food product for my glucose control problem? We can not answer this question all at once but here is a good start.


The components of ELEOTIN make it an excellent health food for everyone, even for individuals who do not have high glucose levels. ELEOTIN increases the body's ability to purify or cleanse impurities from the body through urination. This cleansing function also leads to the strengthening of a person's immune system. ELEOTIN is also an excellent source of high quality fiber and provides essential nutrients to a person's pancreas. These reasons may already be sufficient to convince anyone that ELEOTIN is a great health food and a must buy. Of course, since ELEOTIN was designed for diabetics, they receive additional health benefits (explained in detail later) because they are in most need of the support that ELEOTIN provides.


The notion that it is possible to manage diabetes with components extracted from natural medicinal herbs has been widely accepted by both Asian and Western countries. There are approximately 1500 natural substances that clearly have an effect on controlling blood sugar levels and diabetes. There are hundreds and hundreds of research projects currently being conducted on these natural substances. The beneficial effects of medicinal herbs is now accepted as common sense even for a great portion of western health professionals. ELEOTIN is a health food made of processed medicinal herbs that has a substantially beneficial effect on restoring glucose normalcy. ELEOTIN contains gentle restorative medicinal herbs. These medicinal herbs and their extracts are combined in such a way that they mutually strengthen the curative powers of each component while diminishing the potential toxicity by way of mutual cancellation. This kind of combination approach is based on Bulgi's principle which states that certain combinations of herbs exist whose total beneficial effects are larger than the sum of each herbal component's individual beneficial effect. Also, this superior combination effect may also reduce adverse side effects while diminishing the potential toxicity. This is achievable by way of mutual cancellation. The question, according to this principle, is how to find such a combination. The same was true for ELEOTIN development process. In order to find the right combination of the approximately 1,500 natural substances with known beneficial and toxic effects, we had to rely on endless testing. The current version of ELEOTIN we feel, is the best natural food product for diabetics presently marketed. ELEOTIN enables the body to naturally control blood glucose levels so that in the long run, the body can return to more normal blood glucose levels. In the meantime, ELEOTIN also provides temporary relief and treatment to sufferers. There are numerous other reasons why we consider ELEOTIN to be superior to other natural food products, so please read on.


Why is ELEOTIN better than other herbal products?

Here is a list of reasons we may not have mentioned before: 1. The Scientific Developers – ELEOTIN is scientifically developed and tested at the world-renowned Julia MacFarlane Diabetes Research Centre at the University of Calgary. Many herbal products do not have clearly identifiable developers/inventors. 2. Scientifically Tested – ELEOTIN is verified as both safe and effective in animals and humans. These scientific tests made it possible for ELEOTIN to be patented. Many herbal products have never been tested for their safety. ELEOTIN was fortunate since it underwent thorough testing by the University of Calgary and JMDRC prior to its commercial release. 3. Best Herbal Combination - There are more than 1,500 herbs and herbal products that have hypoglycemic effects. To the best of our knowledge, no herbs and herbal products other than ELEOTIN show the ability to assist in the restoration of beta cells or insulin receptors. Most herbal products block sugar from being digested. That is, they slow down the digestion process. Other herbs stimulate insulin secretion, often straining the already damaged pancreas. These herbs provide only temporary relief and not a long-term solution. ELEOTIN s herbal combination provides a long-term solution along with short-term benefits. There are numerous other reasons why we think ELEOTIN is the best herbal treatment available. Hopefully, you are a now a little closer towards creating a more comprehensive list of the ELEOTIN advantages for yourself.


How does ELEOTIN differ from Oriental Herbal Medicine?

People often ask us whether ELEOTIN is Kanpoyaku - an Oriental Herbal Medicine. In fact, ELEOTIN and Oriental Herbal Medicines are based on a similar medical methodology. They both try to restore the body's own capability to selectively adopt the most appropriate signals that will promote health and healing. Most traditional oriental restoratives have a profound association with diuresis. ELEOTIN and oriental medicinal herbs are similar in this regard. In addition, they are similar in terms of appearance and intake methods. As well, both emphasis the importance of giving gentle and mild stimulus to the body, instead of delivering intrusive chemical stimulus, which often creates permanent damage. So in many respects ELEOTIN and Oriental Medicinal Herbs are very similar.


However, ELEOTIN is different from Kanpoyaku, Oriental Medicinal Herbs, in a number of ways. ELEOTIN has been developed through scientific analyses, and animal and clinical tests, while Kanpoyaku rely on traditions and personal experience. Scientists have identified important modes of actions, making it possible to use ELEOTIN more safely in conjunction with conventional western drugs. It can sometimes be dangerous to use Kanpoyaku with unknown modes of actions at the same time as conventional western drugs. Also, Oriental Medicinal Herbs usually try to stimulate the body's metabolism in general, but ELEOTIN focuses more on the process of diabetes. As a result, Kanpoyaku's effects on diabetes are often evasive, while ELEOTIN effects on diabetes are clear and well defined. Furthermore, the ingredients for Kanpoyaku are often contaminated with herbicides and other toxic chemicals, whereas ELEOTIN is produced with natural ingredients that are rigorously screened for safety.



Eleotin is classified as a health food in the U.S and Canada. We make no claims, either expressed or implied, that this product will cure disease, replace prescription medication, or supersede sound medical advice.




What are ELEOTIN’s modes of action?

You may need some medical knowledge or background to fully understand how ELEOTIN works. But understanding how ELEOTIN works is very important since you must be able to explain or teach these concepts to your customers. So we have tried our best to remove all the technical and medical terms without distorting the central message. The most important thing to remember is that ELEOTIN works in several different ways, and each different mode of action strengthens the other. We call the synergy between the different mode of actions- ELEOTIN’s Combination Effect. Without further delay, here is how ELEOTIN works.



1) ELEOTIN assists the digestive process. ELEOTIN helps decompose carbohydrates into glucose at a healthier rate. This is beneficial because it helps avoid the harmful sudden rises in glucose levels after a meal.


ELEOTIN assists the digestive process by providing natural substances that restore the balance among digestive enzymes. Also, ELEOTIN provides rich natural fiber that helps with the digestive process. Medical doctors' would say ELEOTIN assists to "inhibit the breakdown of carbohydrates through alpha glucohydrolase". Again, we do not expect you to memorize this medical terminology. However, please do remember that ELEOTIN controls the rate of digestion of carbohydrates so that a sudden rise of blood sugar is minimized.



Dried silkworms, commonly used in China and Korea to treat diabetes, serve a similar function. Like ELEOTIN they lower the blood glucose level by preventing carbohydrates from being suddenly decomposed into glucose. However, dried silkworms cause side effects such as indigestion, diarrhea, flatulence, etc. In some cases, the immune system is reported to be weakened. ELEOTIN does not have these side effects. On the contrary, most ELEOTIN users report improved digestion. Out of 5,000 diabetics who used ELEOTIN in 1998, only two people complained of any adverse effects. One person complained that he had some diarrhea and the other person complained that he became constipated. The reason for both of these cases was the high fiber content in ELEOTIN? As soon as they stopped drinking the fiber sediments, meaning they took only the liquid after the preparation, both complaints disappeared.


2) ELEOTIN stimulates and restores the basic health of the pancreas. ELEOTIN increases the healthy regeneration of beta cells in the pancreas and increases the secretion of insulin from the pancreas.


Sulfonylurea drugs, the primary class of diabetic drugs, also stimulate insulin secretion from the pancreas. However, these drugs are only effective when beta cells maintain their basic function of insulin secretion. It is also reported that long-term intake of Sulfonylurea drugs can cause serious side effects. In the long-term they can cause a decreased amount of insulin production by putting too great a strain on the beta cells. Since the body eventually becomes resistant to these drugs, these agents lose their effectiveness. Dosages then need to be continually increased but the effectiveness diminishes nonetheless.


On average, after seven years of usage, these agents no longer work. Most patients are then forced to rely on insulin injections to control their glucose levels. Another serious side effect of Sulfonylurea drugs is that they often over-stimulate the pancreas and produce too much insulin. As insulin removes sugar or glucose from the blood system, in can result in hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels because there is too much insulin in the body. This can be even more dangerous than high blood sugar levels. Other complications, such as renal disease, also exist.


ELEOTIN has no such side effects because it is derived from natural herbs. The ELEOTIN herbal combination also does not result in resistance. In addition, the natural insulin secretion gently stimulated by ELEOTIN does not cause hypoglycemia.


New Results

In our testing, results have shown that the beta cell levels of many patients have improved after only three months of ELEOTIN usage. Also, a few severely diabetic customers whose beta cells were almost completely destroyed experienced a restoration of their beta cell function. This a very encouraging sign because this may imply a possible solution to Type I diabetes.


Consequently, we have tried ELEOTIN on a few Type I volunteers. So far, the three volunteers have all reported substantial health improvements, and better blood glucose control. Based on the results of these three individuals, we are trying to conduct a larger scale test and are looking for approximately 50 new Type I volunteers.


3) ELEOTIN improves the functioning of insulin receptors. ELEOTIN up-regulates or improves the activity levels of insulin receptors in muscle and liver cells. Thus, ELEOTIN stimulates the binding between insulin and the insulin receptors. Simply put, ELEOTIN improves the efficiency with which the body uses the insulin.


Insulin secreted from the beta cells in the pancreas plays the role of a catalyst that turns sugar or glucose into the energy our cells need to survive and grow. In order for such to happen, insulin must bind with an insulin receptor on a muscle, liver or fat cells. Insulin becomes ineffective when insulin receptors in muscle cells are scarce or when they do not function properly. This is called a down-regulated insulin receptor. Due to down-regulated insulin receptors, the glucose remains in the blood and the blood glucose level rises. This is called 'insulin resistance.' The body resists insulin, therefore, glucose is not being properly utilized.


ELEOTIN reduces insulin resisitance by safely restoring the functionality of the insulin receptors. This is a striking feature which only ELEOTIN possesses and which no other health food or drug has demonstrated safely.


4) Other Mechanisms - We know of other ways in which ELEOTIN works such as the increased presence of Glut 2 transporter in the pancreas. However, this mode of action is too technical to explain in this manual. Let's just say that there are other mechanisms going on in addition to those mentioned above.


In summary, ELEOTIN assists a diabetic's body in many ways. ELEOTIN controls the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose. ELEOTIN regenerates the function of beta cells that produce insulin. ELEOTIN enhances the function of the insulin receptors that bind with insulin.


This Combination Approach clearly distinguishes ELEOTIN from other therapies. This Combination Approach also reduces any side effects while it increases ELEOTIN’s therapeutic power. (Remember Bulgi's principle of synergistic herbal combination where the gentleness of the treatment is enhanced and the curative effects are multiplied)


Beneficial: Diabetes, Dibe control blood glucose


Quantity Per Unit: 3x30 Capsuls


Manufacturer: EBMR CANADA