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Freedom from Gout the Natural Way


An attack gout can without warning, causing excruciating pain and swelling in one or more joins. Typically affecting middle-aged men, gout can be hereditary and is more common in those with obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease. Gout is a type of arthritis in which uric acid crystals collect in a joint (often the base of the big toe, an ankle or knee) and produce swelling and intense, needle-like jabs of pain. These symptoms may last from a few days to a few weeks. Many gout sufferers do have a relapse of symptoms, and those with chronic cases may require medical attention to the prevent damage to joints, tendons and kidneys.


The Gout Culprit: Uric Acid


The pain and swelling of gout is the body ~{!.~}s reaction to uric acid crystals irritating a joint. Uric acid is a naturally occurring byproduct of various bodily processes, including digestion. Normally it is filtered through the kidneys and excreted in the urine before problems occur. However, some people produce too much uric acid, or their kidneys cannot excrete it quickly enough, and trouble arises. Certain foods are rich in a uric acid precursor called purine and should be avoided by those with gout. These include liver, meat gravies, anchovies,sardines, asparagus, spinach and most legumes. Alcohol also increases uric acid production and should therefore be avoided by gout sufferers.


Natural Cherry Powder Extract


Though scientists haven~{!/~}t fully discovered why, cherries appear to be very beneficial for gout sufferers. A study back in 1950 found that eating a half-pound of cherries or the equivalent amount of cherry juice prevented attacks of gout in a small group of patients.Since then, there have been countless anecdotal reports of easing gout symptoms with black cherry juice or black cherry extract, though no further scientific research has been done. Scientists suspect that compounds in cherries inhibit enzymes (cyclooxegenase I and II) involved in the inflammatory response, thereby relieving pain and discomfort. Cherries also contain compounds which inhibit another enzyme, xanthine oxidase, needed in the production of uric acid. Inhibiting this enzyme means lower uric acid levels and an improvement in symptoms.


Thyme and mint


Thyme is an age-old gout remedy mentioned by the famous English herbalist Nicholas Culpepper in the 1600s. According to Culpepper, ~{!0~}an ointment made of those away hot swelling and warts~{!1~} and thyme is ~{!0~}excellent for those that are trouble with the gout~{!1~}. Research shows that thyme contains a valuable component called thymol, which accounts for its reduction of the rheumatic pain of gout. Thyme also has diuretic properties, allowing the kidneys to more effectively rid the body of excess uric acid. Mint, another age-old herbal remedy, has diuretic properties too and, like black cherry, contains xanthine oxidase inhibitors. Again, these compounds help reduce uric acid levels to speed up recovery.


Celery Seed Powder


You may think of celery as a green, rather bland salad vegetable, but there~{!/~}s more than eye. One renowned modern-day herbalist, James Duke, PhD, swears by celery seed extract to keep his own gout at bay. Research shows that celery help neutralize acids, including the gout-producing uric acid. Celery is also a very effective diuretic, again to aid the kidneys in flushing out excess uric acid.


Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate)


Far from just a cold remedy, vitamin C continually reveals itself as a multifaceted nutrient - including benefits for gout sufferers. First, it~{!/~}s an effective anti-inflammatory. Vitamin C helps break down fibrin, a substance involved in the inflammatory response. Second, vitamin C is essential in the formation of collagen, a type of protein needed for healthy joints and other connective tissues. Third, studies show vitamin C reduces uric acid levels from blood and tissues. In one study, individuals taking vitamin C had an increase in urine excretion of uric acid within only a few hours. Those taking a higher dose showed further reductions in blood uric acid levels.


To aid your anti-gout program, remember to avoid the uric acid-forming foods mentioned above, incorporate raw fruits and vegetables into your diet, and increase fluid intake.


GOUTRIN- Natural Uric Acid Neutralizer Support : Organika has created Goutrin, a formula to help ease inflammation and decrease uric acid levels. Black Cherry Powder Extract traditionally has been known to effectively relieve pain and discomfort due to inflammation. Thyme and Mint are both effective diuretic herbs that allow the kidneys to rid the body of excess uric acid. Celery Seed Powder, another diuretic herb, helps neutralize acids in the body. Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) is an effective anti-inflammatory, as well as being an essential nutrient in the formation of collagen, a protein needed for healthy joints.


Remember to also avoid uric acid forming foods such as liver, meat gravies, anchovies, sardines, asparagus, spinach, and many legumes. Alcohol should also be avoided.


Beneficial: Gout,uric acid, joint pain,kidneys, joint


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